Meet Dr. A. Robert Hassan


What is your background and campaign platform?
BA Human Resource Management Law school graduate. Graduate, study ​management. Graduate, industrial ​technology college. Licensed Real Estate broker ​Kansas/Texas Former professional soccer ​player. Advocate for children and ​senior citizen.
How has your educational background and experience prepared you for this position?
"Former Director in the medical ​center. Owner of restaurants and retail ​centers. Former owner of a professional ​soccer team. Expert in American ​import/export. Experienced investment / real ​estate. I served this Country at McConnell Air Force Base, ​Kansas. Holding security clearance and a wealth of ​overseas & international experience. My brothers also served America, as one of my brothers served ​during the Iraq war - credited with SAVING THE LIVES OF 30 ​AMERICAN SOLDIERS - during a major mortar attack on a U.S. ​military base."
How do you handle making difficult decisions?
As a candidate, Dr. A. Robert Hassan pledges to prioritize the needs of the American people and tackle pressing national issues. He firmly stands for social justice and advocates for equality, recognizing the importance of supporting law enforcement while emphasizing the necessity of regular training and evaluations to ensure the highest standards of performance.
Who are some of the biggest influences in your political life? How were you influenced?
A candidate for the US Senate, he has been nominated for the Chairman of the Board for Harris County, Texas, and actively participates in the Harris County International Advisory Council, showcasing his commitment to serving the community.
Texas is an energy state. What challenges do you perceive balancing growth in the energy sector with environmental concerns? What have you done in the past and what do you plan to do going forward regarding this issue?
Texas faces several significant challenges, and the priorities may vary depending on the perspective. As a major energy producer, Texas is navigating the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, while ensuring a reliable power supply.
If elected, what would your top 3 priorities be?
Climate Change. Economic Diversification. Energy Transition.