Meet Lorenzo Gonzalez

Lorenzo Gonzalez

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Please describe your background and campaign platform.
I envision a Constable's office that goes beyond traditional law enforcement, transforming it into a genuine community resource, partner, and beacon of trust. With experience in law enforcement, county government, and private sector leadership, I bring a holistic perspective to the table. If elected, I will prioritize: Public Awareness & Accountability, Enhanced Training for Deputies, Efficient Civil Processes, and Community Engagement and Education
How has your educational background and experience prepared you for this position?
My educational journey, ranging from business school to the police academy and beyond, complements my extensive experience in county government and leadership roles in progressive and democratic groups. This diverse background equips me with a holistic understanding of local governance, administrative prowess, and a commitment to community engagement—essential qualities for effective service in the Constable position.
Do you think Hays County is meeting the Mental Health needs of its citizens and how does this impact the role of Constable?
Hays County's mental health services need improvement to adequately meet citizens' needs. As Constable, I recognize the pivotal role law enforcement plays in mental health crises. I am committed to enhancing training for deputies in de-escalation techniques and crisis intervention, fostering collaboration with mental health professionals, and advocating for increased mental health resources. By prioritizing mental health support, we can enhance public safety and well-being in our community.
Along with the duties of a police/ peace officer, Constables have a historic duty to serve the public in other unique ways. What have you done, or would you do if elected, to make your office unique in serving the public?
If elected, I am committed to making the office truly unique by transforming it into a community resource hub. In addition to traditional law enforcement duties, I'll focus on public education, community engagement, and proactive problem-solving. By embracing a holistic approach, the Constable's office will become a beacon of support, addressing community needs. Building on this vision, my goal is to proactively address the diverse needs of our community. Public awareness campaigns will enhance transparency, keeping residents informed about their rights and resources. I'll establish an Enhanced Training Program for deputies, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle various situations with sensitivity and expertise. Furthermore, the creation of a TCOLE academy will not only elevate the skills of our deputies but extend free training opportunities to all local law enforcement. This commitment to education, coupled with community policing strategies, will foster a safer and more connected environment. Emphasizing accountability and open communication, the Constable's office, under my leadership, will evolve into a model for community-centered law enforcement.
What Democratic values will you apply to your work once elected?
Once elected, I am committed to upholding key Democratic values in my role as Constable. Transparency and accountability will be paramount, with a dedication to open communication with the community. I will actively promote inclusivity, ensuring that the Constable's office is a safe space for everyone. Additionally, my emphasis on education and progressive training programs aligns with Democratic values of empowering individuals with knowledge and fostering community engagement. The principles of fairness, justice, and equality will guide every decision and action, making the Constable's office a true reflection of Democratic ideals.
If elected, would you support the Hays County Democratic Party by your presence at events and, if possible, financially? If not, please explain why.
Absolutely, I am fully committed to supporting the Hays County Democratic Party both through active participation in events and, to the best of my ability, financial contributions. I believe in the power of collective action and collaboration, and I recognize the importance of supporting the party that shares my values. Attending events provides an opportunity to engage with constituents and fellow Democrats, fostering a stronger sense of community and shared purpose, while financial support is a way to contribute to the party's initiatives and campaigns, ensuring its continued success in advancing Democratic values in Hays County.
Will you and your campaign participate in the Hays County Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign effort in 2024?
Absolutely, my campaign is committed to actively participating in the Hays County Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign effort in 2024. While my race will be determined in the primary, given the absence of a Republican challenger, I am eager to collaborate with my Democratic colleagues to ensure their success in the November elections. Together, we can amplify our shared values, engage voters, and strengthen the Democratic presence in Hays County. I look forward to working collaboratively for a more progressive and inclusive future for our community.