Meet Nicholas “Nico” Costilla

Nicholas "Nico" Costilla

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What is your background and campaign platform?
My motivation in seeking the position of the Justice of the Peace is that I believe that when circumstances arise necessitating contact with a justice court, it is important and essential that the justice court continuously provide accessibility, efficiency, impartiality and expediency in its rulings and decisions. I received a degree in Criminal Justice and have been employed at the Hays County District Attorney’s office for the last 9 years having both administrative and supervisory roles.
How has your educational background and experience prepared you for this position?
My educational background with a degree in Criminal Justice along with my current nine-year employment in administrative and supervisory roles in the Hays County District Attorney Office created a deep and sincere interest in the justice system. My education along with training and experience in this office, has covered several aspects of the judicial system as well as management that I believe is an asset as a Justice of the Peace.
One of the duties of Justice of the Peace is setting bonds. Do you currently feel bonds are set fairly or are there any improvements that could be made?
Improvements can be made.
What Democratic values will you apply to your work once elected?
Ensuring that everyone is getting treated fairly. Everyone should be treated fairly regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and political affiliation.
Describe your involvement in the community.
I recognize the critical importance of ongoing and positive relationships among the wide range of community, civic and professional organizations and activities in the County. I am involved in the following organizations: Centro, Cuauhtemoc, Hays County Historical Commission, San Marcos Community and Police Association, Scheib, Texas State University Alumni Association Board of Directors, Hays County Crime Stoppers and San Marcos Police Department Chief’s Advisory Panel.