Meet Thomas Baker

Thomas Baker

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What is your background and campaign platform?
In 2018 I defeated the longest-serving Republican justice at the Third Court. I now have served 5 years. I am a Board-certified Family Law attorney.
What are some ways you have helped determine your own personal biases in the past?
I communicate with other professionals regarding cases.
What inspired you to pursue a path of studying law?
I went into law not to make a fortune but to help those less fortunate than myself and to try to obtain justice for those persons.
What legacy would you like to leave from serving on this court?
The legacy I wanted to leave was that I treated all trial courts, parties and counsel with respect and dignity. I sought and tried to find justice and fairness as the case record and law allowed me to do so.
What Democratic values have you or will you apply to your work once elected?
I just stated my Democratic values above that I try to apply in every case: Equality, fairness, justice, dignity and respect for all persons regardless of their race, color, creed, religion, gender or sexual identity.
If elected, would you support the Hays County Democratic Party by your presence at events and, if possible, financially? If not, please explain why.
I absolutely will support Hays County in every way possible as I have already tried to show. Hays County means so much as the roots of President Johnson and as a county ahead of my own county in turning blue.
Will you and your campaign participate in the Hays County Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign effort in 2024?
Yes, I will participate.