Back in the old days, organizations worked together in one physical location. So, think of Slack as our Hays Dems headquarters.

It’s where we all hang out.We can work one-on-one or in groups and committees. We can see and  choose from a multitude of tasks.We share files and links and pictures and it’s just where we collectively get stuff done.

I know the fear of learning new tech tools… But think of the first time you used a 1) a car 2) a washing machine 3) a foreign toilet – it was awkward at first, but you figured it out because it was important when you needed to get sh*t done.


Step 1:
You must be invited into Slack via email… 
So, open your email invitation and click “JOIN NOW”

If you know you have been invited into Slack and you know the email address that was invited, you can also go here and join:

Both the email button and the link take you to the same place, here:

Step 2:

If you have a Gmail address, you can sign up through Google.


Sign up with any email address, by clicking the bottom box.

Now, you have a choice… 

Do you want to use Slack as a web page using your browser? OR Do you want to download the application? Don’t hate me but I suggest choosing the last option and downloading the application. 

We are available to  Zoom with you if you need help. Email:


In our HaysDems headquarters, we would congregate in departments or offices. In Slack, we get together in CHANNELS. 

Channels can be public or private and they work exactly like a big group text that you’re added on to.  

Channels are usually separated by committee or topic. So, Slack is your walkie talkie into your committees. You check in when you can and see who’s doing what and how we’re all working together to save democracy.