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Texas Democrats Announce the Official 2024 Coordinated Campaign: Texas Blueprint

AUSTIN, Texas – Today, the Texas Democratic Party is proud to announce Texas Blueprint – the official 2024 Coordinated Campaign that unites county parties and allied partners in a well-organized and focused effort designed to build on our collective goals to establish Texas as a bonafide battleground state for the betterment of working families. Our mission is to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of Democratic partners across Texas.

From mission-based organizations fighting for our most pressing issues to county-level Democratic parties that make up the very grassroots of our coalition – our founding partnerships represent years of coalition-building and a shared commitment to bringing Texas to the forefront of progressive leadership by electing more Democrats at every level of government.

We’re excited to introduce our Texas Blueprint Founding Partners:

American Federation of Teachers – Texas

Annie’s List

Asian-American Democrats of Texas

Battleground Texas

Bexar County Democrats

Cameron County Democrats

Collin County Democrats

Dallas County Democrats

Denton County Democrats

El Paso County Democrats

Fort Bend County Democrats

Harris County Democrats

Hays County Democrats

Hidalgo County Democrats

Jefferson County Democrats

Montgomery County Democrats

Tarrant County Democrats

Williamson County Democrats

Fair Shot for Texas Workers PAC

Planned Parenthood Texas Votes PAC

Powered by People

Texas Blue Action Democrats

Texas Coalition of Black Democrats

Texas Democratic County Chair Association

Texas Democratic Women

Texas Democratic Non-Urban Rural Outreach Caucus

Texas State Teachers Association

As the 2024 cycle continues, we will continue to onboard partners and grow our Texas Blueprint coalition.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa, Executive Director Monique Alcala, and Deputy Executive Director Birk Wilkison issued the following joint statement on the launch of Texas Blueprint:

“There is one Party united in service to Texans and dedicated to the belief that everyone in the Lone Star State has the right to build a life for themselves and their families – and that is the Texas Democratic Party. Texas Blueprint is a commitment by an unprecedented and growing team that includes statewide organizations, county parties, and thousands of ordinary Texans, all working on the same team for the same purpose. We\’re launching our coordinated campaign earlier than ever before because we are united; we are determined; and we\’re ready to win Texas together.”

Partners of the 2024 Coordinated Campaign joined Texas Democratic Party leaders in expressing their support for the announcement of Texas Blueprint:

“Powered by People is happy to join Texas Blueprint in its efforts to reach, register, and mobilize every eligible Democratic voter in Texas,” said Beto O’Rourke.

“Texans have endured Republicans’ dangerous approach to government for far too long. Abortion has been criminalized while MAGA corruption runs rampant from our local school boards to the Governor’s mansion. Republicans refuse to give the people of Texas, and especially Texas women, a seat at the table. Through this collective effort, Texas Blueprint will work to put the power back in the hands of the people where it belongs,” said Annie’s List Executive Director Ana Ramon.

“Texas Blue Action is excited to join Texas Blueprint as the official relational organizing partner of the Texas Democratic Party. We have worked to train county parties and grassroots activists across the state to use revolutionary organizing tools like the REACH App, and we have built the largest volunteer relational grassroots organizing network in the nation. Encouraging voters to contact the people they know to ensure their friends, family, and community members vote is critical to Democratic success in Texas. Through Blueprint, we can leverage this network and help ensure Democratic efforts across Texas are coordinated from the ground up,” said Texas Blue Action Executive Director Lana Hansen.

“Working people across our state deserve leaders who will fight for them – they don’t need more of the same – Republican leaders who, for three decades, have left these Texans and their families behind. Alongside our Texas Blueprint partners, we will elect more leaders who will fight for the working people of our state,” said Emily Amps, Director of Politics & Policy, Texas AFL-CIO & Director, Fair Shot Texas PAC.

“From capsizing Houston ISD to election recounts – Texas Republicans are finding new ways to take over our local government. Texas Blueprint partners stand united behind our collective goals of building a coordinated campaign that prioritizes efficiency, transparency and teamwork so we can defend Harris County and elect more Texas Democrats,” said Harris County Democratic Party Chair Mike Doyle.

“The Texas Blueprint is a game changer for Democratic politics in our state. Decades of Republican extremism have failed to deliver for working Texans. Dallas County knows what strong messaging and Democratic leadership can do for our state. We\’re excited for this coordinated campaign to bring Texas values back to the forefront.” said Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Kardal Coleman.

“MAGA Republicans have poured millions of dollars from shady billionaires to flip Hidalgo county red — but with Texas Blueprint we’re building upon our growing movement to defend our bright blue dot. South Texans deserve leaders that invest in our communities — not spectacles that divide us. South Texas Democrats are more united than ever,” said Hidalgo County Party Chair Richard Gonzales.

“Careless Republican leadership continues to try to destroy our public schools with voucher schemes, inadequately fund our public schools, close our rural hospitals and let our roads crumble. Texas Blueprint will provide state-of-the-art data tools so that rural party leaders and candidates in each region of our state can build upon our Democratic Party infrastructure for cycles to come in our fight for local and statewide success,” said Non-Urban Rural Outreach Caucus Chair David Currie.


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