Meet Alicia Key

Alicia Key

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What is your background and campaign platform?
I have diverse legal experience in criminal and civil law. I have been a judge and I’ve managed a large state agency program. I was a public servant for 26 years. I’m running because a fair and independent judiciary is critical to our democracy. All residents are entitled to access to justice, effective assistance of counsel, and due process. Everyone will leave my court believing they got a fair shake.
How will you handle the backlog of cases facing the court?
I will work tirelessly, but hard work is not enough. Because I was once the Director of the State Office of Court Administration, I know about and will take advantage of the many resources available to assist trial courts in being more efficient. I will work with other county officials to improve and expand upon specialty courts, such as drug courts, mental health courts, and veterans' courts to fairly and effectively treat individuals with those specific hardships.
How do you handle making difficult decisions, especially ones with which you do not agree?
It is sometimes challenging for a judge to set aside her personal views when interpreting the law and applying it to a particular set of facts. However, I learned during my prior experience as an associate judge that if I am thoughtful, carefully analyze the facts, and understand and apply the law in an evenhanded way, I can make the difficult decisions. Throughout my career, I have learned to communicate hard decisions in a kind, compassionate, and respectful way. People are generally more receptive and respectful of unpleasant decisions or court rulings if the judge is perceived to be fair, impartial, and respectful.
What Democratic values do you hold most dear in your own life?
Reproductive freedom, inclusiveness, a fair justice system, and environmental protections.
What Democratic values will you apply to your work once elected?
I will ensure that all participants have access to effective assistance of counsel. I will exercise my discretion to appoint attorneys for low-income civil litigants and ensure that the process is easy to navigate for self-represented litigants. I will appoint qualified attorneys to represent criminal defendants and ensure they have every opportunity to provide their best defense. I will treat every individual in my courtroom with courtesy, dignity, and respect.
If elected, would you support the Hays County Democratic Party by your presence at events and, if possible, financially? If not, please explain why.
Yes, I would.
Will you and your campaign participate in the Hays County Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign effort in 2024?