Meet Christine Vinh Weems

Christine Vinh Weems

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Describe your background and platform.
I am currently in my second term as a civil district court judge in Harris County, Texas. I am double board-certified in both Personal Injury Trial Law and Civil Trial Law. Before taking the bench, I was a practicing trial lawyer and understand the importance of all courts rulings and how they impact all Texas corporations and individuals.
Which Texas Supreme Court case do you believe to be the most important? Why?
Because I am a judicial candidate, I have to be cautious about discussing my opinions about matters that could potentially come before me in court. I can say that I am a lifelong Democrat for a reason.
What inspired you to pursue a path of studying law?
If elected, I would rule on cases based on the evidence presented before me and follow the law.
Describe an interesting case on which you worked.
Very well. I make difficult decisions every day as a judge. Every time I rule, someone wins and someone loses. It is the very nature of the job and I am very comfortable with doing what I need to do.
How do you handle making difficult decisions, especially ones with which you do not agree?
As I am running statewide, I am juggling events all over Texas. I do want to be kept informed of events in Hays County so I can attend what I can and I will financially support what I can as I know all of the County Democratic Parties are vital to driving GOTV in their respective counties.