Meet Sherri Tibbe

Sherri Tibbe

Office running for



What office are you seeking?
453rd District Court Judge.
What is your background and campaign platform?
I was the elected District Attorney for Hays County 2007 to 2014. I was also an assistant prosecutor in Travis County before I became DA. I also spent 6 years in a criminal defense practice before being elected as a judge in 2020.
What Democratic values to you share/agree with the most?
Individual freedoms and rights.
What Democratic values do you or would you apply to your work if elected?
As a judge, I am required to be objective and fair to everyone.
How do you handle making difficult decisions, especially ones with which you do not agree?
I always try to make the best decision possible and apply the law to the facts. I do have to make hard decisions that is difficult but part of my job.
Will you support the Hays County Democratic Party by your presence at events and, if possible, financially? If not, please explain why.
Yes I will.
Will you and your campaign participate in the Hays County Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign effort in 2024?